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Thứ Ba, 11 tháng 8, 2015

The Country In Spring

                L. A. HILL

         We need never fell dull in the country. No matter how often we walk down the same road, over the same fields, or through the same woodland paths, there is always something new, something fresh to see. It may be a little plant that has come up since last we visited the place; a hedge that was just a lot of brown sticks may now be covered with flowers. We may find a bird’s nest deep in a bush, and if we are careful not to frighten the birds, as the days pass, see the first the little eggs, and then the baby birds.
          We never know what we may see, or find, when we start out for a country-walk. But we must learn to use our eyes, keep them wide-open, or we shall pass by many a pretty or interesting plant, or miss the sight of some little animals, who sees us well enough, and will keeps perfectly still and quiet so that we should not notice him, until we are quite out of sight. The wild children of the woods and fields are easily frightened, and if we learn to be quiet and keep very still when watching them at work or play. All the years round, from the first warm breath of Spring till the last icy wind of winter, we shall always find something to please and interest us in the country