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Thứ Năm, 15 tháng 1, 2015

Does money make man happy ?

This essay was written  by Tran, van Dien in 1960.


People often says that with money they can get everything. In this modern society where matter prevails upon spirit, money is so highly esteemed that is considered as the only factor of happiness. Does money really make man happy?

Body of the essay:

To give a definite answer, we should distinguish two different conceptions of happiness.

1. Money can create happiness: To some people, happiness consists mainly in material things. Happiness here means the satisfaction of mean desires and low passions. Happiness is nothing but the satisfaction of physical needs, the abundance of earthly pleasures and distractions. To such kind of people, money is the only means of getting happiness.

2.-Money cannot create happiness: But to others, happiness has a nobler significance because it consists mainly in spiritual things: the peace of mind, the sincere love between two hearts and the sincere understanding between souls. Money is only a material thing, so it cannot create real happiness.

3.- The middle way: Money cannot create happiness but it contributes to the acquirement of happiness. In other words, not all those who have money, are happy because unhappy people can be found living in abundance and luxury. On the contrary, some poor people may live very happy. Instead of bringing happiness, money may cause misunderstandings, discords, quarrels, adultery which ruin happiness. The same is to be said of poverty which is the cause of all evils.


To sum up, happiness does not depend on the quantity of money but depends on the way how we spend it. Like science, money is edged tool, which only does good to those who know how to use it.