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Thứ Hai, 19 tháng 1, 2015

Using Your “Chance In Life”

Author is unknown

            A “chance in life” means a chance to become a statesman, an artist, a physician, an inventor, or to do some other useful work. Many boys and girls are unable to use their opportunities and to a great extent, their lives are a failure. Others take advantage of every opportunity, work during all their waking hours, and if a very difficult position is presented to them, they rejoice in trying to conquer it. One of the most expert mining engineers was asked one day to explain his success. A far-away look came into his eyes as he answered the question simply: “My father was a brilliant engineer. A great career was ahead of him, but when I was five years old he was struck down by fever. The day before he died, he put his hand in mine and said “I’ll have to leave my chance to you, son; don’t waste it!”. As I grew up I firmly believed that I must do my own work and his too. I never wasted a moment; I never lost an opportunity to get ahead. I felt all the time that I was being pushed forward by some invisible power. The greatest pleasure that I had as a young man was when my employer said to me that I was worth two ordinary assistants”.

            To use another person’s chance as well as yours means to do your work a little better than you would otherwise do it. You cannot stop halfway to success. Even if you have no special ability and become, as most of us do, a maker or seller of food or of clothing or of some other articles of use, you must try a little harder to have your work as perfect as possible. A “chance in life” means a chance to do your best to serve your people in some way or other.