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Thứ Hai, 19 tháng 1, 2015

A good book is a good friend

This essay was written by Tran, van Dien in 1960.


            We all have friends, and friends are of different kinds: people around us, birds and animals, mountains and hills… But there still is another kind of friend. It is book and literature, therefore it is said that “a good book is a good friend”. Let us examine what books have done for our good and what duties we should have towards them.

Body of the essay

            Like a good friend, a good book brings much help to our daily life.

            1.- From intellectual point of view: A book is a very good friend always ready to teach us all branches of knowledge and tell us good things to do and bad things to avoid. Moreover, it is the easiest friend of all; we can come to him any time we like and talk to him as long as we want. When we are tired, we can leave him without any excuse, because he was born just to please you.

            2.- From sentimental point of view:  In books are hidden the feelings and emotions of the author. A book is a good friend, on whom we can rely and with whom we can interchange ideas and feelings. Better than any other friend, he can comfort us, support us and help us through the most tedious moment of life. Montesquieu confessed sincerely: “Learning has been for me the most efficient medicine against the disgust of life. No sorrows of mine cannot be chased away by an hour of reading”.


            A good book is indeed a good friend. As we love our friends, esteem, respect and believe them, so we should love and trust books. We can make fortune by our friends’ help, we can also get rich thanks to books. If we become famous through our friends, why cannot we remain immortal thanks to books? So, let us have a good book for friend; it will be of great help to us throughout our life.