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Thứ Ba, 20 tháng 1, 2015

Anatole France said: “ Family is a very good school” Explain and comment upon that sentence.

                               This essay was written by Tran, van Dien in 1960.

School is the place where students attend every day to learn academic subjects and where parents leave their children to the professors’ care for education. School is still a place from where will come out good citizens of a country. But a French writer wrote: “ Family is a very good school”. According to him, family has given us useful lessons to become good citizens for society. Let us find out the meaning of it and appreciate its value.

Body of the essay

            1.---Family is a school: The role of the mother in family is very important. She is both a mother and an educator. It is on his mother’s knees that a child stammers his first lesson of language. At the age of about three, the baby’s young mind begins to develop very quickly. He inquires about everything happening around him, just to satisfy his curiosity and thirst for knowledge. So, a general knowledge is required for a mother to answer her children’s question. Family is a kind of kindergarten where children acquire a general knowledge which is the base of the school-education.

            2.---Family is a very good school: Family does not teach academic subjects as school does, but the influence family plays upon a child’s heart and mind is stronger and more efficient. It is in family, not in school that he learns the right and wrong, good manners, sympathy and love. All those qualities are more necessary for him than the abstract and bookish lessons of school.

            The above sentence offers a valuable lesson about the importance of family from educational point of view. It still means that the education a child gets from his family is no less, if not more important than the education he gets at school. The above sentence is perfectly right if it is applied to the nation which considers family as a basic unit of society. In such a country, a good child in the family will be a good citizen in society. But in the society where family does not prevail, the sentence has only a relative value.


           To sum up, we can say that school only trains specialists but family forms good citizens who know how to behave towards themselves and others.