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Thứ Sáu, 14 tháng 8, 2015

A house which has been familiar to me in childhood

                                                                            This article was written by Tran, van Dien in 1960

            The place I always remember with affection is the house where I was born, and spent my childhood.
            It stands in the middle of a rather large area surrounded with green bamboo-hedges. In front of it, is a yard where wet clothes are dried and which is also a store-place for the rice-crop in harvest time. Next to the yard, is a pond where the washing is done. Its water is kept cool all day long, thanks to the shady trees with overhanging leafy branches around it. Not far from there, is a beautiful garden full of pretty flowers and fruit-trees. It is my favorite place. In the afternoon, I used to run merrily along its flower-bordered walks, chasing gorgeous butterflies or catching shining beetles. In doing so, I sometimes trod on a flowering plant, and was scolded by my mother for being so carless. At the corner of the garden, there is a small arbour with a seat where I spent much time reading some fairy tales or doing my home-work. Behind the house, is another garden where grow various kinds of vegetables.
           The house itself is only a small cottage. It consists of three rooms. The middle-room is the most nicely furnished with a table, four chairs and a mahogany camp-bed. We eat and receive the visitors there. It is also a room witnessing the sweet gatherings of my family on the winter-evening when it rains outside. Far back at the wall, is set up an altar for the cult of the ancestors. On the left is the sleeping-room, a place crowded with beds and a wardrobe. On the right is a lumber-room where all sorts of things are kept. As for the kitchen and the toilet-room, they are all in an annexe not far from the main dwelling.
            That is my house. Though it is only a humble cottage, I still love it very much and always long to return to it because it is a place where I had the happiest memories of my life.